There is so much coming in, means we are busy for clients. Posting here, posting there …

Just no time to work on our own pages. Today an artist reading the blog IMMERSIVIA asked if we have been the one protecting the Cyberspace, the German one and the European one

… Oh yes, that was us … our boss to be precise as he was once consultant for the European Patent office … he just knows such things …

But what does Universal Gazette do?

About 200 blogs are currently managed on demand. One focus is on Copyright protection (Werktitelschutz) in the Digital Age. We are proud to say that we have been one of the first seeing the potential in online marketing. We have been quite successfully to keep crucial assets for our clients alive.

“The fast publication of ideas is the best protection at all. This counts for real space, for virtual space and for Euler space.” ~ Euler.Space, member of Sine.Space since TODAY!


I AM NOT HERE is the title of Norton Lykin´s exhbition in the SURREAL ART GALLERY at the Surreal Tower in SL at SIM Claressa running until end of December 2016 – or maybe a bit longer.


To be somewhere in person or by the works you created is a question that comes easily up. To post “I AM NOT HERE” remembers me when I was young playing a game shouting: “I AM NOT HERE.”

So let me shout I AM NOT HERE. I stay INVISIBLE, I stay VIRTUAL, Yes these are my REAL words. Just come in one of the three forms you feel fine to join. It is worth to do.

I uploaded the album to IMGUR – maybe I AM THERE?

Breaking News

Most famous Digital Artist of his time has Alzheimer. First Prim is suffering from Alzheimer disease type ICAD F00.9D in Simulacron-1 hospital. A 4D energy shield is used to prevent an outbreak. Will it hold? Is our world in danger? Will Alzheimer spread around? It is a type 1704 ‘enterprise’ shield NOT certified for long use! Protect your brain! Get UG report by prize winning reporter Being JM for just 20 e-prims now …